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Our constantly growing gemstone collection is the result of many years’ gemological experience, dozens of trips to mining regions and passion for gems. 

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Pair of natural blue zircons in octagon cut 10.66 carat, Cambodia photo
$3,624 / 340/ct
On hold in Bangkok
Pair of rich blue
$4,656 / 480/ct
On hold in Bangkok
Rich aquamarine
$3,638 / 480/ct
On hold in Bangkok
Intense red cushion-cut spinel 2.34 carats, Burma  photo
$2,185 / 934/ct
Available in Bangkok
Octagon-cut cobalt blue spinel 1.05 carats, Tanzania  photo
$4,568 / 4,350/ct
Available in Bangkok
Unheated cushion cut Padparadscha sapphire 1.04 carats, Sri Lanka photo
$3,432 / 3,300/ct
Available in Bangkok
Red-pink radiant-cut Mahenge spinel 1.09 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,158 / 1,980/ct
Available in Bangkok
Bright red-pink cushion-cut Mahenge spinel 1.03 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,020 / 1,961/ct
Available in Bangkok
Pair of neon red pink pear-cut Mahenge spinels 2.29ct, Tanzania photo
$4,008 / 1,750/ct
Available in Bangkok
Vibrant pink pear-cut Mahenge spinel 1.15 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,430 / 2,113/ct
Available in Bangkok
Pair of Vivid Yellow oval cut sapphires 2.98 carats, Madagascar photo
$4,720 / 1,584/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of cornflower blue sapphires, circle cut, 1.79 carats, Sri Lanka photo
$2,850 / 1,592/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of oval cut blue sapphires 2.10 carats, Sri Lanka photo
$3,300 / 1,571/ct
Available in Moscow
Set of three octagon-cut indigolites 4.72 carats, Nigeria  photo
$2,738 / 580/ct
Available in Bangkok
Asscher cut tanzanite set 6.71 carats photo
$4,700 / 700/ct
Available in Moscow
Golden yellow untreated sapphire in heart shape 2.21 carats, Sri Lanka photo
$3,647 / 1,650/ct
Available in Dubai
Pair of vivid red-orange rubellites in cushion cut 9.53 carats, Africa  photo
$4,189 / 440/ct
Available in Moscow
Aquamarine from Africa, radiant cut, 6.29 carats photo
$2,515 / 400/ct
Available in Moscow
Large African aquamarine in pear cut 7.90 carats photo
$3,555 / 450/ct
Available in Moscow
Cornflower blue sapphire in octagon cut 1.05 ct, Sri Lanka photo
$2,330 / 2,219/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut blue sapphire from Sri Lanka 1.47 ct photo
$3,180 / 2,163/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut gray spinel 4.58 ct, Burma photo
$4,120 / 900/ct
Available in Moscow
Colombian Vivid Green Emerald 0.98 ct photo
$3,800 / 3,878/ct
Available in Moscow
Vivid Green emerald octagon shape 2.06 ct, Zambia, Insignificant photo
$4,950 / 2,403/ct
Available in Moscow
Mandarin garnet hessonite 6.73 ct from Madagascar, GFCO photo
$3,150 / 468/ct
Available in Moscow
Rare Hessonite Garnet from Madagascar 9.30 ct photo
$4,730 / 509/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of Fanta color spessartines in marquise cut 3.18 ct photo
$3,816 / 1,200/ct
On hold in Moscow
Intense pink-orange cushion-cut tourmaline 7.76 carats, Africa photo
$3,023 / 390/ct
Available in Moscow
Orange-red tourmaline from Africa 7.79 carats in cushion cut photo
$3,034 / 389/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of asscher-cut indigolite tourmalines 3.68 carats photo
$2,024 / 550/ct
On hold in Moscow
Pair of 6.09 carat rubellite tourmalines in pear cut, Nigeria photo
$2,375 / 390/ct
Available in Moscow
Intense blue indigolite in octagon cut 3.56 carats photo
$2,670 / 750/ct
Available in Moscow
Vibrant pink rubellite 5.24 carats in oval cut, Africa photo
$4,095 / 781/ct
Available in Moscow
Trillion cut African aquamarine 7.57 carats photo
$3,785 / 500/ct
Available in Moscow
Trillion cut aquamarine 6.50 carats, Africa photo
$2,925 / 450/ct
On hold in Moscow
Intense pink rubellite 6.03 carats, Nigeria photo
$3,400 / 564/ct
Available in Moscow
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