Vibrant Green Emaralds

Vibrant green - rarest perfectly cut emeralds with excellent clarity, very low degree of extinction and even color distribution. A Vibrant appearance is achieved through the skillful cutting of a gemstone to its optimal proportions, resulting in greater-than-usual weight loss and a maximized reflection pattern and good brilliancy.

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Pair of intense Muzo Green emeralds 2.99 ct, Colombia photo
$16,500 / 5,518/ct
Available in Bangkok
Vibrant green emerald from Colombia in baguette cut 1.54 ct photo
$4,466 / 2,900/ct
Available in Bangkok
Vibrant green cushion cut no oil emerald 4.84 ct, Zambia photo
$82,280 / 17,000/ct
Available in Bangkok
Emerald 1.40 ct, Colombia, Muzo Green photo
$7,400 / 5,286/ct
Available in Bangkok
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