Wide selecton of natural spinels of various colors and cuts is available online. Worldwide delivery. Unique gems are available for order in accordance with particular parameters and within the budget of the customer.

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Cushion cut Burmese bluish gray spinel 1.04 ct photo
Cushion-cut steel spinel 1.14 ct, Burma photo
Cushion-cut gray spinel 1.11 ct, Burma photo
Set of purple-blue Burmese spinel 2.18 ct photo
Asscher cut lavender spinel set 1.86 ct photo
Burmese purple spinel set 1.86 ct photo
Asscher Cut Greyish Blue Spinel Set 1.69 ct photo
Purple gray Burmese spinel set 1.23 ct photo
Set of pink spinel octagon cut 1.00 ct, Tanzania photo
Set of lavender spinel from Burma 1.67 ct photo
Octagon-cut cobalt blue spinel 1.35 ct, Tanzania photo
Purple spinel round cut 0.58 ct photo
Vivid red cushion cut Burmese spinel 3.27 ct photo
Pair of octagon-cut pink spinels 2.74 ct, Burma photo
Pair of heart shape pink spinels 2.07 ct, Burma photo
Cushion cut steel spinel 1.94 ct, Burma photo
Cushion cut steel gray spinel from Burma 3.06 ct photo
Cushion cut steel color spinel from Burma 3.46 ct photo
Cushion cut Burmese vivid red spinel 3.87 ct photo
Cushion cut gray spinel 4.58 ct, Burma photo
Cushion cut gray spinel 4.42 ct, Burma photo
Vivid pink cushion cut spinel 2.36 ct, Burma photo
Purple spinel from Burma 9.38 ct photo
Intense pink spinel from Burma 4.48 ct photo
Purple Burmese spinel in cushion cut 6.53 ct photo
Purple octagon cut spinel 1.59 ct, Burma photo
Pair of lilac cushion-cut spinels 2.59 ct, Burma photo
Intense cushion-cut spinel 2.27 ct, Burma photo
Steel spinel cushion cut from Burma  1.60 ct photo
Bright octagon-cut spinel 5.04 ct, Tanzania photo
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