Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order a gemstone?

  1. WhatsApp: Please WhatsApp us directly to check for availability of a gemstone. WhatsApp is the fastest way to build communication.
  2. Email: Email us directly to ask us for availability of a gem you have in mind. We will show you the options we have, and assist you with making a choice.
  3. Website: You can order directly from our website. If you are a member of the gem and jewelry industry you can apply for a wholesale price list. Please review Wholesale Terms to learn how to make wholesale orders.
  4. Custom Order: If you have something in mind you would like us to make for you. Please visit Customized Order to learn how to do this.
  5. Social Media: We post regularly on social media especially Instagram. If you see something you like please dm or email us.

2. What does "Status: On Hold" mean?

"On Hold" means an item is being previewed by another client and is not available for immediate delivery. The item may not sell and could be returned to us within a short period of time. If the item is returned, its status will be changed to "Available" and it can be shipped immediately.

If you are extremely interested in buying an item that has an "On Hold" status, you should complete the online purchase process. You will have top priority in receiving the item if it becomes available.

3. What does "Status: Available" mean?

"Available" means just that – an item is available for immediate sale and delivery. If you would like to buy the item, you can complete the purchase process. You will receive confirmation of your order and will be notified when your item has been shipped.

4. Can I request to see more than one item at a time?

If you see more than one item that you would like to preview, please call us directly at +66 86 374 0267 to discuss your order. We usually allow customers to compare more than one item at a time in person. However, please do not purchase multiple items online that you do not intend to buy without notifying us first.

5. Third Party Lab Reports

We send all of gemstones and jewelry with our in-house reports. If your item also has a third party lab certification (from the GIA or another institution), this document will be sent separately after the purchase has been confirmed. Third party lab reports cannot be replaced, so we send them after we hear from our customers that they will be keeping their item.

6. Do we sell 2nd hand (previously owned) jewelry?

The majority of our clients are purchasing for an engagement or other emotionally significant occasion. For this reason, and from the frequent request of our customers, we only sell newly made jewelry and recently mined gemstones. We do not sell items that have been purchased previously, i.e. broken engagements, 2nd hand or estate jewelry.

7. Are all your gemstones displayed on your website?

No, only about 60% of our inventory is displayed on our website. Please contact us if you are looking for something that you don’t see on the website.

8. What type of gemstones do you sell?

Our specialty is in natural high quality colored gemstones such as sapphires (including not only blues, but also yellow, pink, color change, Padparadscha), rubies, all types of tourmalines (including Paraiba, mint, lagoon and indigo colors), aquamarines, emeralds, spinels, all types of garnets (including such rare types as spessartine, tsavorite, rhodolite), zircons, tanzanites, morganites, peridots, sphenes and others. We also deal with high quality cultured sea water pearls such as Japanese Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls.