Wide selection of natural blue, Padparadscha and fancy sapphires. Loose sapphires, sapphire pairs, sets and lots. Unique gems are available for order in accordance with particular parameters and within the budget of the customer.

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Pair of blue round sapphires 6.14 ct photo

Unheated cushion cut sapphire 8.01 ct photo

Rare unheated Burmese sapphire 1.09 ct photo

Blue sapphire from Sri Lanka 1.25 ct photo

Octagon cut Madagascar blue sapphire 2.19 ct photo

Cushion-cut blue Madagascar sapphire 1.16 ct photo

Unheated Yellow Sapphire 5.62 ct photo

Blue sapphire Royal Blue 2.80 ct, Sri Lanka, ICA photo

Yellowish green sapphire 3.54 ct, Madagascar photo

Cornflower Cushion Sapphire 4.13 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Unheated purple sapphire 3.06 carats, Sri Lanka photo

Blue sapphire 4.94 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Unheated bi-color sapphire 6.52 ct, Vietnam photo

Blue sapphire, oval cut, 2.62 ct, Madagascar photo

Blue sapphire 5.04 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Pair of fancy cut pink sapphires 0.68 ct photo

Pair of blue cushion-cut sapphires 0.73 ct photo

Cornflower oval sapphire 3.48 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Royal Blue oval-cut sapphire 6.66 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Cornflower Octagon Sapphire 3.00 ct Sri Lanka GFCO photo

Bright sapphire 2.14 ct octagon cut, Sri Lanka photo

Star blue sapphire, 4.58 ct cabochon cut, Burma photo

Octagon cut sapphire from Sri Lanka 2.20 ct photo

Octagon-cut blue sapphire 1.99 ct, Sri Lanka photo

Octagon cut blue sapphire from Sri Lanka 1.96 ct photo

Octagon blue Ceylon sapphire 1.64 ct photo

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