Pink Spinel

Wide selection of spinels of various shades of pink is available online. Worldwide delivery. Loose pink spinels of different cuts, spinel pairs and sets.

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Set of pink spinel octagon cut 1.00 ct, Tanzania photo
Pair of octagon-cut pink spinels 2.74 ct, Burma photo
Pair of heart shape pink spinels 2.07 ct, Burma photo
Vivid pink cushion cut spinel 2.36 ct, Burma photo
Intense pink spinel from Burma 4.48 ct photo
Purple Burmese spinel in cushion cut 6.53 ct photo
Bright octagon-cut spinel 5.04 ct, Tanzania photo
Hot pink Mahenge spinel in pear cut 1.72 ct, Tanzania photo
Vibrant pink Mahenge spinel 6.15 ct, Tanzania photo
Burmese purple spinel 6.38 ct photo
Pair of vibrant pink Mahenge spinels 3.15 ct photo
Cushion-cut lilac spinel set 4.85 ct photo
Pair of cushion-cut Mauve spinels 2.90 ct photo
Cushion-cut orange-pink spinel 4.00 ct, Burma photo
Cushion-cut bright pink Burmese spinel 2.60 ct photo
Pair of purple-pink Burmese spinels 2.74 ct photo
Cushion cut pink spinel from Tanzania 2.10 ct photo
Red-pink spinel Mahenge octagon cut 4.11 ct photo
Large neon pink cushion-cut Mahenge spinel 7.14 ct photo
Hot pink round cut spinel 3.52 ct, Mahenge photo
Mahenge pink spinel round cut 2.38 ct photo
Intense pink Mahenge heart-cut spinel 2.03 ct photo
Cushion cut pink spinel 3.05 ct, Mahenge photo
Unique Pinkish Red Mahenge Pear Cut Spinel 5.53 ct photo
Reddish-pink oval-cut Mahenge spinel 3.39 ct photo
Cushion-cut rose red spinel 3.29 ct, Mahenge photo
Bright pink pear-cut Mahenge spinel 2.46 ct photo
Cushion-cut mahenge rose-red spinel 4.53 ct photo
Pink Mahenge heart-cut spinel 3.65 ct, Tanzania photo
Unique pink-red pear-cut spinel 5.62 ct, Mahenge photo
Rare bright red Mahenge heart-cut spinel 4.00 ct photo
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