Vibrant pink-red Mahenge Spinel

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Red-pink radiant-cut Mahenge spinel 1.09 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,158 / 1,980/ct
Available in Bangkok
Red-pink cushion-cut Mahenge spinel 2.19 carats, Tanzania  photo
$8,610 / 3,932/ct
Available in Bangkok
Vibrant red pink Mahenge spinel in pear shape 2.03 carats, Tanzania photo
$8,039 / 3,960/ct
Available in Bangkok
Bright red-pink cushion-cut Mahenge spinel 1.03 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,020 / 1,961/ct
Available in Bangkok
Vibrant pink pear-cut Mahenge spinel 1.15 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,430 / 2,113/ct
Available in Bangkok
Pair of bright cushion-cut Mahenge spinels 4.11 carats, Tanzania photo
$31,365 / 7,631/ct
Available in Bangkok
A rare pink-red spinel Mahenge to cut Octagon 5.02 carats, GRS brilliancy-type Vibrant, ICA Book photo
$104,000 / 20,717/ct
On hold in Moscow
Unique pink-red spinel Mahenge 4.12 carats, GRS brilliancy-type Vibrant, ICA Book photo
$86,700 / 21,044/ct
On hold in Moscow
Vibrant pink Mahenge spinel 6.15 ct, Tanzania photo
$120,000 / 19,512/ct
On hold in Dubai
Unique pink-red pear cut spinel 5.62 ct, Mahenge photo
$109,596 / 19,501/ct
Available in Bangkok
Red pair spinel Mahenge 35+ ct. Gübelin: Tanzania photo
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