Orange Garnet Spessartine

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Pair of intense orange spessartines in cushion-cut 1.90 ct photo
Set of spessartine garnets 1.59 ct, Kenya photo
Pair of spessartines in cushion-cut 1.84 ct, Africa photo
Pair of Fanta color spessartines in cushion cut 1.82 ct photo
Pair of intense spessartines in cushion-cut  1.72 ct photo
Set of Tanzanian orange-red garnets 11.00 ct photo
Bright orange-red octagon cut garnet 4.30 ct, Madagascar photo
Vibrant orange Fanta spessartine in marquise cut 7.16 ct, Africa photo
Pair of bright oval-cut Fanta color spessartines 13.78 ct, Nigeria photo
Vibrant orange spessartine in cushion cut 14.62 ct, Burma photo
Set of three oval-cut spessartines 4.68 carats photo
Pair of Spessartines Fanta oval cut 2.85 ct photo
Spessartine Fanta set 2.68 ct, Kenya photo
Pair of oval-cut Fanta spessartines 2.61 ct photo
Cushion Spessartine 8.74 ct photo
Bright spessartine top fanta 8.23 ct, Nigeria, ICA photo
Intense orange spessartine 1.02 ct photo
Pair of cushion-cut spessartines 1.31 ct photo
Cushion-cut Fanta Spessartine 6.15 ct photo
Set of bright spessartines in cushion cut 9.37 ct photo
Spessartine garnet round cut 0.93 ct photo
Cushion-cut fanta spessartine 3.28 ct, Nigeria photo
Spessartine pear cut 5.11 ct photo
Top fancy-cut spessartine 8.62 ct photo
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