Gemstones certification

The biggest part of all our gemstones comes with certificates (more than 80%). Since we are involved in the whole chain from the mines to the market, we are confident in the gemstone description we provide, but we believe that the customer should not only take our word for it, so we try to get certificates for most of our gemstone collection.

The costs of gem certification are fully covered by our company. Gemstone certification is a serious expense item. Every year we spend more than a hundred thousand dollars on stone certification to protect our client's interests. We are the only company in the gemstone market that assumes the responsibility for mandatory certification of all our gemstones.

Gemstock collaborates with the world's most reputable gemological laboratories such as GIA, GRS, SSEF, Gubelin, GIT, AIGS, GFCO, ICA, Lotus, Bellerophon and others.

However, we do have a small number of gems in the low-price range that are not certified at the time of uploading to our website. This is due to the fact that we buy and cut gemstones in large quantities and do not always have time to certify all of them. All high-priced gemstones on our website have certificates, and sometimes even several. If you have chosen a gemstone without a certificate, please contact us and we will make the certificate at our expense.

We encourage you not to buy gemstones without prior certification!