Red color Gemstones

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Vibrant red Mahenge spinel in oval cut 1.58 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,149 / 1,360/ct
Available in Bangkok
Vivid red Burmese spinel in cushion cut 2.57 carats, Mogok photo
$2,185 / 850/ct
Available in Bangkok
Rare Pamir unheated pear-cut ruby 2.52 carats, Tajikistan  photo
$6,578 / 2,610/ct
Available in Bangkok
Burmese Pigeon's Blood ruby in heart shape 3.01 carats, GRS photo
$49,665 / 16,500/ct
On hold in Bangkok
Red-pink radiant-cut Mahenge spinel 1.09 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,158 / 1,980/ct
Available in Bangkok
Red-pink cushion-cut Mahenge spinel 2.19 carats, Tanzania  photo
$8,610 / 3,932/ct
Available in Bangkok
Bright red-pink cushion-cut Mahenge spinel 1.03 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,020 / 1,961/ct
Available in Bangkok
Vibrant pink pear-cut Mahenge spinel 1.15 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,430 / 2,113/ct
Available in Bangkok
Pair of untreated rubies in pear cut 5.03 carats from Mozambique  photo
$47,584 / 9,460/ct
Available in Bangkok
Unheated Pigeon's Blood ruby 2.09 carats in oval cut, Mozambique photo
$27,135 / 12,983/ct
Available in Dubai
Unique unheated Vibrant vivid red oval cut ruby 6.06 carats, GRS, Tanzania photo
$454,500 / 75,000/ct
Available in Dubai
Unheated Pigeon's Blood ruby 2.05 carats in cushion cut, Mozambique photo
$27,675 / 13,500/ct
Available in Dubai
Pair of intense red rubellites in cushion cut 14.02 carats, Nigeria photo
$7,851 / 560/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of vivid red-orange rubellites in cushion cut 9.53 carats, Africa  photo
$4,189 / 440/ct
Available in Moscow
Neon red Mahenge spinel 4.03 ct, Lotus photo
$28,900 / 7,171/ct
Available in Moscow
Intense pink-orange cushion-cut tourmaline 7.76 carats, Africa photo
$3,023 / 390/ct
Available in Moscow
Red-pink rubellite in pear cut 6.59 carats, Congo photo
$1,845 / 280/ct
Available in Moscow
Intense red-orange tourmaline in pear-cut 3.63 carats, Africa photo
$708 / 195/ct
Available in Moscow
Orange-red tourmaline from Africa 7.79 carats in cushion cut photo
$3,034 / 389/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of 6.09 carat rubellite tourmalines in pear cut, Nigeria photo
$2,375 / 390/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of large orange-red tourmalines from Africa 13.41 carats photo
$5,234 / 390/ct
Available in Moscow
Octagon-cut red-pink rubellite 3.50 carats, Nigeria photo
$1,680 / 480/ct
Available in Moscow
Vivid red spinel 2.64 carats in cushion cut, Tanzania photo
$3,643 / 1,380/ct
On hold in Moscow
Pair of asscher-cut pink tourmalines 7.83 ct from Nigeria  photo
$5,090 / 650/ct
Available in Moscow
Pear cut umbalite garnet 5.17 ct, Tanzania photo
$2,322 / 449/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of bright red cushion cut Mahenge spinels 5.03 carats, Tanzania photo
$14,560 / 2,895/ct
Available in Moscow
Purple garnet umbalite 4.92 ct in cushion cut from Tanzania  photo
$1,970 / 400/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut Burmese vivid red spinel 3.87 ct photo
$6,400 / 1,654/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut orange-red spinel 4.70 ct, Burma photo
$14,650 / 3,117/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut rhodolite garnet 6.87 ct photo
$3,800 / 553/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut purple garnet 6.20 ct photo
$3,450 / 556/ct
Available in Moscow
Large purple cushion cut rhodolite 8.64 ct, Sri Lanka photo
$4,750 / 550/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut rhodolite garnet 14.97 ct, Tanzania photo
$9,900 / 661/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut Burmese red spinel 4.67 ct photo
$17,300 / 3,704/ct
Available in Moscow
Octagon-cut red rhodolite garnet 11.08 carats from Mozambique photo
$2,310 / 208/ct
Available in Moscow
Ring with rich red zircon 10.29 carat in 18K gold  photo
Available in Dubai
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