Set of Burmese rubies Pigeon's blood 6.47 ct, GRSID 1998

$89,700 / 13,864/ct
Available in Moscow
Certificate Set of Burmese rubies Pigeon's blood 6.47 ct, GRSCertificate Set of Burmese rubies Pigeon's blood 6.47 ct, GRS

Gemstone details

Trade color
Pigeons Blood Red
Optical property
Fluorescence (very strong)
6.47 ct
Eye-clean, Slightly included and eye-clean
9.12 × 6.62 × 3.98 ;
8.92 × 6.58 × 3.95 ;
8.66 × 6.72 × 4.51 mm
Cut grade
Very good (precision cut)
Set of 3 or more stones
Basic color
Custom jewelry
Jewelry set


A set of Burmese rubies with a total weight of 6.47 carats, the most valuable shade of "pigeon blood". Both facts are confirmed by the certificate of the Swiss laboratory GRS.

This set of rubies has a very rare combination of high characteristics: the top color “pigeon blood”, a high level of purity, Burmese origin, the same linear dimensions and cut shape. It is extremely difficult to find Burmese rubies of top color and similar linear sizes!

Today the ruby deposits in Burma are almost depleted and to come across pigeon blood stones of more than one carat is an incredible success!

Fine gem-quality rubies can form the basis for a precious pair of earrings and rings.

The photos and videos of the stone on the hand and in the tweezers are taken in daylight without any filters or color correction. More files on request. on request.
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