Violet color Gemstones

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Pair of untreated purple and yellow cushion-cut sapphires 1.38 ct photo
Purple garnet umbalite 4.92 ct in cushion cut from Tanzania  photo
Contrasting pair of untreated pear-cut sapphires 1.15 ct photo
Pair of unheated orange violet cushion-cut sapphires 1.16 ct, Madagascar photo
Pair of unheated lavender sapphire and pear cut spinel 1.56 ct photo
Pair of unheated yellow and purple sapphires in pear cut 1.35 ct, Madagascar photo
Vivid violet unheated sapphire 1.10 ct from Madagascar photo
Vivid purple unheated pear-cut sapphire 1.23 ct, Madagascar photo
Cushion-cut pink-violet sapphire 0.68 ct, Madagascar photo
Untreated violet sapphire from Madagascar in round cut 0.91 ct photo
Untreated round violet sapphire 0.60 ct from Madagascar photo
Vivid purple unheated round-cut sapphire 1.03 ct, Madagascar photo
Unheated oval cut pinkish-violet sapphire 1.54 ct from Madagascar photo
Set of purple-blue Burmese spinel 2.18 ct photo
Asscher cut lavender spinel set 1.86 ct photo
Burmese purple spinel set 1.86 ct photo
Purple gray Burmese spinel set 1.23 ct photo
Set of lavender spinel from Burma 1.67 ct photo
Intense violet sapphire in oval-cut 0.55 ct, Sri Lanka photo
Cushion-cut purple unheated sapphire 2.13 ct, Madagascar photo
Purple unheated sapphire in cushion cut 2.65 ct, Madagascar photo
Vivid violet-pink unheated sapphire from Mozambique 1.69 ct photo
Purple spinel round cut 0.58 ct photo
Cushion cut steel spinel 1.94 ct, Burma photo
Purple spinel from Burma 9.38 ct photo
Purple octagon cut spinel 1.59 ct, Burma photo
Pair of lilac cushion-cut spinels 2.59 ct, Burma photo
Unheated octagon-cut tanzanite 4.46 ct, Tanzania photo
Unheated violet star sapphire from Sri Lanka 11.07 ct photo
Large octagon-cut garnet from Tanzania 6.20 ct photo
Sri Lankan star sapphire 3.80 ct photo
Pair of intense purple unheated sapphires 2.03 ct, Madagascar photo
Contrasting pair of yellow zircon and lavender sapphire 2.36 ct photo
Contrasting pair of cushion-cut sapphires 1.23 ct photo
Contrasting pair of lavender and pink sapphires 1.44 ct photo
Bright octagon-cut tanzanite 5.93 ct photo
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