Gemstones from Tanzania

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Bright octagon-cut spinel 5.04 ct, Tanzania photo
Pear color change effect garnet 8.09 ct photo
Vivid redish-pink spinel from Tanzania 10.06 carats photo
Vibrant pink Mahenge spinel 6.14 ct, Tanzania photo
Cobalt blue spinel from Tanzania 3.51 ct photo
Chrysoberyl with cat's eye effect, Tanzania 1.18 ct photo
Teal oval cut sapphire 3.12 ct from Tanzania photo
Cushion cut green sapphire from Tanzania 3.10 ct photo
Large octagon-cut garnet from Tanzania 6.20 ct photo
Pear cut zircon 7.44 ct photo
Bright zircon from Tanzania 7.25 ct photo
Brown zircon octagon cut 7.58 ct photo
Zircon from Tanzania, deep color 6.76 ct photo
Octagon cut zircon 7.10 ct photo
Zircon 5.90 ct, Tanzania photo
Intense brown zircon from Tanzania 5.07 ct photo
Bright brown zircon 7.84 ct photo
Heart shaped zircon from Tanzania 7.16 ct photo
Brown zircon 11.00 ct photo
Intense blue tanzanite 5.55 ct photo
Blue tanzanite octagon cut 4.35 ct photo
Tanzanite in emerald cut 5.11 ct photo
Bright octagon-cut tanzanite 5.93 ct photo
Intense oval-cut tanzanite 10.90 ct photo
Cobalt blue spinel 2.45 carats, Tanzania photo
Vibrant heart-cut Mahenge spinel 1.72 ct photo
Neon red Mahenge spinel 4.03 ct, Lotus photo
Pair of vibrant pink Mahenge spinels 3.15 ct photo
Pair of tanzanites in round cut 4 - 4.5 mm photo
Pair of hexagon-cut tanzanites 1.55 ct photo
Tanzanite in an unusual hexagon cut 0.86 ct photo
Cushion-cut blue tanzanite 2.76 ct photo
Intense cushion-cut tanzanite 3.13 ct photo
Cushion cut steel spinel 4.99 ct, Tanzania photo
Cushion-cut pink-red spinel 3.55 ct, Tanzania photo
Cushion cut pink spinel from Tanzania 2.10 ct photo
Red-pink spinel Mahenge octagon cut 4.11 ct photo
Large neon pink cushion-cut Mahenge spinel 7.14 ct photo
Hot pink round cut spinel 3.52 ct, Mahenge photo
Mahenge pink spinel round cut 2.38 ct photo
Intense pink Mahenge heart-cut spinel 2.03 ct photo
Cushion cut pink spinel 3.05 ct, Mahenge photo
Unique Pinkish Red Mahenge Pear Cut Spinel 5.53 ct photo
Reddish-pink oval-cut Mahenge spinel 3.39 ct photo
Cushion-cut rose red spinel 3.29 ct, Mahenge photo
Bright pink pear-cut Mahenge spinel 2.46 ct photo
Cushion-cut mahenge rose-red spinel 4.53 ct photo
Pink Mahenge heart-cut spinel 3.65 ct, Tanzania photo
Unique pink-red pear-cut spinel 5.62 ct, Mahenge photo
Rare bright red Mahenge heart-cut spinel 4.00 ct photo
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