Gemstones from Tanzania

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Vibrant red Mahenge spinel in oval cut 1.58 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,149 / 1,360/ct
Available in Bangkok
Unique vibrant green tsavorite garnet in octagon cut 7.06 carats  photo
$62,834 / 8,900/ct
Available in Bangkok
Large pair of radiant-cut yellow zircons 26.83 carats, Tanzania  photo
$12,342 / 460/ct
Available in Bangkok
Pair of natural golden color zircons in octagon cut 23.87 carats, Tanzania  photo
$10,980 / 460/ct
Available in Bangkok
Unique pair of pink Mahenge spinel and vivid green pear-cut tsavorite 3.08 carats photo
$5,929 / 1,925/ct
Available in Bangkok
Octagon-cut cobalt blue spinel 1.05 carats, Tanzania  photo
$4,568 / 4,350/ct
Available in Bangkok
Red-pink radiant-cut Mahenge spinel 1.09 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,158 / 1,980/ct
Available in Bangkok
Red-pink cushion-cut Mahenge spinel 2.19 carats, Tanzania  photo
$8,610 / 3,932/ct
Available in Bangkok
Vibrant red pink Mahenge spinel in pear shape 2.03 carats, Tanzania photo
$8,039 / 3,960/ct
Available in Bangkok
Bright red-pink cushion-cut Mahenge spinel 1.03 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,020 / 1,961/ct
Available in Bangkok
Pair of neon red pink pear-cut Mahenge spinels 2.29ct, Tanzania photo
$4,008 / 1,750/ct
Available in Bangkok
Vibrant pink pear-cut Mahenge spinel 1.15 carats, Tanzania photo
$2,430 / 2,113/ct
Available in Bangkok
Vivid purple-pink Mahenge spinel in oval cut 7.05 carats, Tanzania  photo
$84,600 / 12,000/ct
Available in Bangkok
Unique GRS type Peacok blue cobalt spinel in oval cut 1.52 carats, Tanzania  photo
$30,400 / 20,000/ct
Available in Bangkok
Pink spinel (Hot pink) Mahenge radiant cut 1.02 carats, Tanzania photo
$1,872 / 1,835/ct
Available in Bangkok
Rare cobalt blue spinel in octagon cut 2.11 carats, Tanzania photo
$11,078 / 5,250/ct
Available in Bangkok
Pair of electric blue cobalt spinels in octagon cut 2.11ct, Tanzania photo
$20,889 / 9,900/ct
Available in Bangkok
Super rare Mahenge cobalt blue spinel in oval cut 3.02 carats, Tanzania  photo
$19,328 / 6,400/ct
Available in Bangkok
Pair of Vivid Green round cut tsavorites 1.21 carats, Tanzania photo
$1,800 / 1,488/ct
Available in Moscow
Rare cobalt blue spinel in cushion cut 3.94 carats, Tanzania photo
$7,486 / 1,900/ct
Available in Moscow
Unique unheated Vibrant vivid red oval cut ruby 6.06 carats, GRS, Tanzania photo
$454,500 / 75,000/ct
Available in Dubai
Asscher cut tanzanite set 6.71 carats photo
$4,700 / 700/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of bright cushion-cut Mahenge spinels 4.11 carats, Tanzania photo
$31,365 / 7,631/ct
Available in Bangkok
Neon pink Mahenge spinel in oval cut 6.06 ct, Tanzania photo
$31,815 / 5,250/ct
Available in Moscow
Lavender purple spinel in heart shape 4.41 ct, Tanzania photo
$7,260 / 1,646/ct
Available in Moscow
Neon red Mahenge spinel 4.03 ct, Lotus photo
$28,900 / 7,171/ct
Available in Moscow
Oval cut pink spinel 4.23 ct, Tanzania photo
$13,700 / 3,239/ct
Available in Moscow
Vivid red spinel 2.64 carats in cushion cut, Tanzania photo
$3,643 / 1,380/ct
On hold in Moscow
Pear cut umbalite garnet 5.17 ct, Tanzania photo
$2,322 / 449/ct
Available in Moscow
Pink Malaya garnet cushion cut  from Tanzania 6.85 ct photo
$6,003 / 876/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of bright red cushion cut Mahenge spinels 5.03 carats, Tanzania photo
$14,560 / 2,895/ct
Available in Moscow
Purple garnet umbalite 4.92 ct in cushion cut from Tanzania  photo
$1,970 / 400/ct
Available in Moscow
Unique cobalt blue cushion cut spinel from Tanzania 7.08 ct, GRS photo
$148,000 / 20,904/ct
Available in Dubai
Intense oval cut tanzanite 10.90 ct photo
$8,200 / 752/ct
Available in Moscow
Set of blue-purple spinel from Tanzania 3.60 ct photo
$1,500 / 417/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut steel spinel 4.99 ct, Tanzania photo
$11,550 / 2,315/ct
Available in Moscow
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