Gemstones from Kenya

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Large tsavorite garnet from Kenya, 4.31 ct photo
$8,400 / 1,949/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of vivid green tsavorite garnets in cushion cut 2.28 ct photo
$5,654 / 2,480/ct
On hold in Moscow
Pair of intense orange spessartines in cushion cut 1.90 ct photo
$450 / 237/ct
Available in Moscow
Set of spessartine garnets 1.59 ct, Kenya photo
$380 / 239/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut yellow-green tsavorite set 3.01 ct photo
$540 / 179/ct
Available in Moscow
Neon green tsavorite in marquise cut 6.07 ct, Kenya photo
$22,000 / 3,624/ct
Available in Bangkok
Cushion cut green sapphire 8.52 ct photo
$21,300 / 2,500/ct
Available in Bangkok
Cushion cut tsavorite garnet 0.93 ct photo
$550 / 591/ct
On hold in Moscow
Spessartine Fanta set 2.68 ct, Kenya photo
$780 / 291/ct
Available in Moscow
Bright cushion cut spessartine garnet 0.46 ct, Kenya photo
Item is sold
Vibrant cushion cut spessartine garnet 0.93 ct photo
Item is sold
Cushion cut tsavorite set 1.70 ct photo
Item is sold
Set of bright tsavorite garnets 1.66 ct photo
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Octagon cut tsavorite garnet from Kenya 1.66 ct photo
Item is sold
Bright contrasting pair of tanzanite and rubellite 7.16 ct photo
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