Light-blue color Gemstones

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Cushion cut blue zircon 12.41 ct, Cambodia photo
Pair of aquamarine and pear cut morganite 14.76 ct photo
Blueish green pear-cut tourmaline 1.41 ct photo
Tourmaline round verdel cut 1.14 ct photo
Neon blue tourmaline Paraiba 19.10 ct photo
Pair of intense oval-cut blue zircons 8.71 ct photo
Pair of blue zircons from Cambodia 8.33 ct photo
Pair of bright blue zircons 9.33 ct photo
Neon Blue Brazilian Paraiba Rare Step Cut 3.23 ct photo
Vibrant Apple Cushion Paraiba 13.31 ct photo
Neon Paraiba from Brazil 2.54 ct pear cut photo
Large sugar paraiba 15.60 ct greenish blue photo
Neon tourmaline Paraiba 0.47 ct octagon cut photo
Vibrant blue paraiba 0.42 ct oval cut photo
Bright blue neon paraiba 1.91 ct, Bralisia photo
Bright bluish green neon paraiba 3.61 ct photo
Pale blue paraiba octagon cut 0.56 ct photo
Rare cut 1.00 ct bright blue paraiba photo
Paraiba blue octagon cut 0.52 ct photo
Bright Apple Paraiba 5.22 ct photo
Paraiba blue sugar 2.22 ct cushion cut photo
Tourmaline Paraiba 0.90 ct oval cut photo
Neon blue oval cut zircon 10.92 ct photo
Bright blue zircon 11.64 ct photo
Cushion cut blue zircon 11.18 ct photo
Neon blue zircon 10.83 ct photo
Blue-green pear-cut tourmaline 4.14 ct photo
Octagon-cut Ceylon sapphire 1.57 ct photo
Unheated oval-cut blue sapphire 14.09 ct, Sri Lanka photo
Cushion-cut mint tourmaline 0.70 ct photo
Bluish-green oval-cut tourmaline 0.34 ct photo
Pear Cut Paraiba Blue Tourmaline 5.27 ct photo
Greenish blue paraiba oval cut 4.63 ct photo
Intense neon blue paraiba 8.64 ct photo
Clear Neon Blue Green Paraiba Oval Cut 8.94 ct photo
Large greenish blue Paraiba 14.24 ct, Mozambique photo
Large blue tourmaline Paraiba 12.53 ct photo
Set of mint tourmalines 6.46 ct photo
Paraiba oval cut 7.47 ct, Mozambique photo
Cushion-cut aquamarine set 22.13 ct photo
Baguette-cut tourmaline 2.88 ct photo
Light blue radiant-cut tourmaline 2.12 ct photo
Pair of octagon-cut blue tourmalines 2.88 ct photo
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