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Our constantly growing gemstone collection is the result of many years’ gemological experience, dozens of trips to mining regions and passion for gems. 

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Large pair of radiant-cut yellow zircons 26.83 carats, Tanzania  photo
$12,342 / 460/ct
On hold in Bangkok
Pair of natural golden color zircons in octagon cut 23.87 carats, Tanzania  photo
$10,980 / 460/ct
On hold in Bangkok
Unique pink-red spinel
$15,000 / 3,589/ct
Available in Bangkok
Hot pink sapphire in cushion cut 2.55 carats, Sri Lanka  photo
$15,045 / 5,900/ct
Available in Bangkok
Rare cobalt blue spinel in octagon cut 2.11 carats, Tanzania photo
$11,078 / 5,250/ct
Available in Bangkok
 Cushion cut blue sapphire 4.06 carats, Sri Lanka photo
$18,473 / 4,550/ct
Available in Bangkok
Super rare Mahenge cobalt blue spinel in oval cut 3.02 carats, Tanzania  photo
$19,328 / 6,400/ct
Available in Bangkok
Yellow unheated cushion cut sapphire 5.57 ct, Sri Lanka photo
$10,600 / 1,903/ct
Available in Moscow
Paraiba tourmaline in pear cut 2.46 carats, Mozambique photo
$16,605 / 6,750/ct
Available in Bangkok
Royal Blue sapphire 2.51 carats in cushion cut, Sri Lanka photo
$12,348 / 4,920/ct
Available in Dubai
Pair of octagon cut emeralds 2.15 carats, Colombia photo
$10,000 / 4,651/ct
Available in Moscow
Royal Blue sapphire in oval cut 3.81 carats, Sri Lanka photo
$14,707 / 3,860/ct
Available in Dubai
Intense Cornflower Blue sapphire in oval cut 3.20 carats, Sri Lanka photo
$14,720 / 4,600/ct
Available in Dubai
Electric blue sapphire 3.57 carats in pear shape, Sri Lanka photo
$16,600 / 4,650/ct
Available in Dubai
Unheated straw yellow octagon cut sapphire 7.74 ct, Sri Lanka photo
$15,000 / 1,938/ct
Available in Moscow
Large intense greenish-blue tourmaline 14.85 ct, Afghanistan photo
$15,500 / 1,044/ct
Available in Moscow
Intense blue cushion cut sapphire 3.86 ct, Sri Lanka, ICA photo
$14,850 / 3,847/ct
Available in Moscow
Paraiba tourmaline 5.19 ct, Mozambique photo
$16,850 / 3,247/ct
Available in Moscow
Cushion cut purple spinel 5.00 ct, Sri Lanka, GIL photo
$11,000 / 2,200/ct
Available in Moscow
Intense Vivid Green emerald 5.64 ct from Zambia, GFCO photo
$15,620 / 2,770/ct
Available in Moscow
Oval cut pink spinel 4.23 ct, Tanzania photo
$13,700 / 3,239/ct
Available in Moscow
Pamir pink cushion cut spinel 4.71 carats photo
$16,400 / 3,482/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of pink spinels from Tajikistan 5.19 ct, GIA photo
$16,000 / 3,083/ct
Available in Moscow
Pink Burmese spinel cushion cut 5.50 carats photo
$15,300 / 2,782/ct
Available in Moscow
Lagoon tourmaline in cushion cut 15.51 carats, Afghanistan photo
$12,099 / 780/ct
Available in Moscow
Cornflower blue unheated sapphire in oval cut 2.62 ct, Sri Lanka photo
$12,324 / 4,704/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of bright red cushion cut Mahenge spinels 5.03 carats, Tanzania photo
$14,560 / 2,895/ct
Available in Moscow
Neon green tourmaline Paraiba 5.90 ct, Mozambique photo
$10,650 / 1,805/ct
Available in Moscow
Tourmaline indicolite oval cut 18.28 ct, Afghanistan photo
$17,950 / 982/ct
Available in Moscow
Neon Paraiba pear cut 2.40 carats, Mozambique photo
$16,700 / 6,958/ct
Available in Bangkok
Paraiba blue sugar 2.22 ct cushion cut photo
$11,300 / 5,090/ct
Available in Moscow
Muzo Green Emerald octagon shape 2.82 ct photo
$16,920 / 6,000/ct
Available in Moscow
Colombian emerald Muzo Green 1.70 ct photo
$10,200 / 6,000/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of Colombian emeralds Vivid Green 2.74 ct photo
$15,840 / 5,781/ct
Available in Moscow
Emerald Vivid Green 1.75 ct, Colombia photo
$10,500 / 6,000/ct
Available in Moscow
Golden color unheated sapphire in asscher cut 4.57 ct, Sri Lanka photo
$16,300 / 3,567/ct
On hold in Dubai
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