Green Garnet Tsavorite from Tanzania

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Unique vibrant green tsavorite garnet in octagon cut 7.06 carats  photo
$62,834 / 8,900/ct
Available in Bangkok
Unique pair of pink Mahenge spinel and vivid green pear-cut tsavorite 3.08 carats photo
$5,929 / 1,925/ct
Available in Bangkok
Pair of Vivid Green round cut tsavorites 1.21 carats, Tanzania photo
$1,800 / 1,488/ct
Available in Moscow
Pair of neon green tsavorite garnets in octagon cut 2.06 ct photo
$4,079 / 1,980/ct
Available in Moscow
Set of eight pear cut tsavorites 5.96 ct from Tanzania photo
$6,300 / 1,057/ct
Available in Moscow
Bright green cushion cut tsavorite garnet 2.13 ct photo
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Bright heart cut tsavorite 2.05 ct, Tanzania photo
Item is sold
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