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Unheated Pigeon's Blood ruby 2.05 carats in cushion cut, Mozambique photo
$27,675 / 13,500/ct
Available in Dubai
Rare Pamir unheated ruby in cushion cut 0.97 ct, Tajikistan photo
$3,490 / 3,598/ct
Available in Moscow
Rare untreated Pamir ruby in cushion cut 0.40 ct, Tajikistan  photo
$580 / 1,450/ct
Available in Moscow
Investment unheated ruby from Mozambique, 7.05 ct, Pigeon's Blood, GRS photo
$308,000 / 43,688/ct
On hold in Moscow
Rare unheated cushion cut Pamir ruby 2.30 carats, Tajikistan photo
Item is sold
Pigeon blood red ruby in cushion shape 2.10 ct, Mozambique photo
Item is sold
Pair of pigeon blood rubies from Madagascar 1.09 ct photo
Item is sold
Unheated Mozambique ruby of 3.03 carats, GRS photo
Item is sold
Cushion cut Burmese pigeon blood ruby 2.02 ct, GRS photo
Item is sold
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