Paraiba tourmaline 4.64 ct, BrazilID 2610

$21,500* / 4,634/ct
* current price at the time of sale — 2023
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Certificate Paraiba tourmaline 4.64 ct, Brazil

Gemstone details

4.64 ct
13.05 × 9.64 × 4.73 mm
low temperature heating
Cut quality
Very good asian cut
ICA GemLab
Custom make
Ring, Pendant
single gems


Deep blue Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil. Historically, Paraiba was mined in Brazil. However, today the deposits of Brazil are almost depleted and 99% of Paraiba in the world jewelry market is mined in Mozambique, so it is a great success to find such a specimen!

This tourmaline is cabochon cut and has a very rare deep blue color. The stone has an impressive weight of 4.65 carats for Brazil.

This Paraiba tourmaline has a purity upgrade - impregnation. Due to the fact that Paraiba from Brazil is incredibly rare, this kind of refinement is acceptable and necessary to preserve the integrity and size of the stone when cutting.

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