Pair of Сolombian vivid green emeralds 3.08 ct from Muzo deposit, GRSID 1876

$54,370* / 17,653/ct
* current price at the time of sale — 2021
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Gemstone details

Trade color
Muzo Green
3.08 ct
insignificant oil enhancement
7.63 × 6.65 × 4.85 мм
7.51 × 6.82 × 4.77 мм
Matching pair
Basic color


Beautiful pair of Colombian emeralds with a total weight of 3.08 carats (1.51 and 1.57 carats each). The emeralds were mined at the famous Muzo deposit located in Colombia. Color of gems from this deposit is considered as reference color for the emeralds and highly valued in the world market of gemstones. The emeralds are very well matched, both stones have a rich and vivid green color and minor internal inclusions that do not affect the transparency of the stones. These gemstones have high jewelry potential, they can be used as central stones in earrings.

The emeralds are accompanied by GRS certificate attesting its Colombian origin, and insignificant oil filling. It should be noted that the GRS laboratory is one of the most authoritative laboratories and a world leader in the certification of colored stones.

The photos and videos of the stone on the hand and in the tweezers are taken in daylight without any filters or color correction. More files on request. on request.
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