Large red tourmaline 28.25 ct, AfghanistanID 1224

$3,203 / 113/ct
Gem is sold, but we can find a similar one

Gemstone details

28.25 ct
Loose stone
Basic color
red, pink
Custom jewelry


Large and very showy tourmaline rubellite weighing 28.25 carats. Rubellites are found in the mountains of Afghanistan much less frequently blue or green tourmalines. This stone we ohreneli of the crystal weighing more than 20 grams. Cut modified cushion shows intense and complex color, which is visible at the same time red, red and crimson shades. In rubellite are visible to the naked eye inclusions in the shape of feathers and veils. It is important to note that the tourmaline, exactly like emerald, belongs to the 2nd group purity, which suggests that the inclusion of permissible and are common. And exactly like the emeralds are such a rich "inner world" does not damage the stone, but rather emphasizes its naturalness and individuality. The cost of this sample in the absence of inclusions would be exactly 3 times higher. Rubellite is not subjected to heat, color natural.

The photos and videos of the stone on the hand and in the tweezers are taken in daylight without any filters or color correction. More files on request. on request.
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