Set of 27 Royal Blue pear cut sapphires, 76.61 ct, GRSID 2913

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Certificate Set of 27 Royal Blue pear cut sapphires, 76.61 ct, GRSCertificate Set of 27 Royal Blue pear cut sapphires, 76.61 ct, GRS

Gemstone details

76.61 ct
Slightly included and eye-clean
От 8.2×5.3×4.0 mm
До 12.6×7.7×4.9 mm
Центральный сапфир - 11.27ct - 19.78×9.79×6.22 mm
Cut grade
Very good (precision cut)
Set of 3 or more stones
Basic color
Custom jewelry


This set is the result of many years of breeding work. The set contains 27 well-selected Royal Blue sapphires, according to the standards of the Swiss gemological laboratory GRS. All sapphires are cut in the shape of a pear and regularly increase, starting from about 1.4 carats to 4 carats.

In the center there is a large sapphire weighing 11.27 carats, Royal Blue color. Sapphire is very well cut in the shape of a pear and has a large "face", which visually enlarges the stone.

All sapphires have been refined - standard heat treatment. Considering the complexity and duration of the selection of sapphires in a set, in this case, this type of refinement is considered acceptable.

The whole set has a general GRS certificate, where each stone is described separately on the appendix.

This well-assembled set of sapphires can be turned into a beautiful necklace that will become a luxurious option for your evening jewelry.

The photos and videos of the stone on the hand and in the tweezers are taken in daylight without any filters or color correction. More files on request. on request.
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