Burmese pink spinel 7.03 ctID 856

$16,300* / 2,319/ct
* current price at the time of sale — 2023
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Certificate Burmese pink spinel 7.03 ct

Gemstone details

7.03 ct
Slightly included
12.07 × 10.65 × 7.64 mm
Cut grade
Good ("asian" or "native" cut)
Loose stone
Basic color
Custom jewelry
Ring, Pendant


Large pale pink spinel from the old deposits of Mogok, Burma. It is important to note that this spinel is very large - of 8.55 carats, in a faceted oval and with only one barely visible on - screen. Gorgeous luster and an unusual color that changes depending on the lighting won't cease to please you and to attract the attention of others. Of course this spinel can be attributed to a number of very rare and precious stones, to talk about its impressive size, beautiful color, clarity, and, of course, its origin - Burma. Today on the international market of stones is extremely difficult to meet such a specimen at such an attractive price, and given the continuous annual growth in the value and demand for spinel is of such high quality jewellery, the investment component becomes very obvious even to the specialist. Natural spinel is not subjected to any methods of refinement.

The photos and videos of the stone on the hand and in the tweezers are taken in daylight without any filters or color correction. More files on request. on request.
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