Colombian Muzo Green emerald 2.59 ct, GRSID 1862

$44,416 / 17,149/ct
Available in Bangkok

Gemstone details

2.59 ct
8.57 × 7.41 × 6.28 мм
insignificant oil enhancement
single gems


Gorgeous Colombian emerald with a mass of 2.59 carats has a lot of advantages. First, its vivid rich green color without any undertones. Experts of GRS laboratory praised the emerald's color as Vivid Green - the most valuable and rare shade from the whole palette of emeralds. Secondly, supreme characteristic of clarity: the whole stone is visually clean and clear. Thirdly, the origin of the stone: the emerald is from the famous Muzo deposit. Fourth, the stone was subjected to the most minimal treatment, stated "insignificant" in GRS certificate. Moreover, the stone has a rather large size.

Thanks to all this, the emerald has not only high jewelry potential, but also high investment potential. In the international gems market, stones of this quality are extremely rare. The deposits are gradually depleted, and emeralds, like other colored stones,  is a non-renewable resource.

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