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Cushion-cut orange-red spinel 4.19 ct, Burma photo

Gray spinel round cut 0.64 ct, Burma photo

Burmese gray spinel round cut 0.54 ct photo

Pinkish gray cushion-cut spinel 1.16 ct photo

Heart-cut purple spinel 2.06 ct, Burma photo

Pair of pear cut mauve spinels 2.71 ct, Burma photo

Purple-pink heart-cut spinel 2.04 ct, Burma photo

Heart-cut red spinel 2.86 ct, Burma photo

Pinkish purple spinel 2.15 ct, Burma photo

Intense purple spinel 2.61 ct, Burma photo

Heart-cut pink spinel 2.16 ct, Burma photo

Burmese pink heart-cut spinel 3.58 ct photo

Pinkish red Burmese heart-cut spinel 2.58 ct photo

Heart cut bluish gray spinel 2.22 ct, Burma photo

Cushion-cut purple-pink spinel 2.20 ct photo

Cushion-cut pink spinel 1.71 ct Burma photo

Intense heart-cut blue spinel 2.06 ct photo

Natural purple spinel 2.68 ct Burma photo

Saturated purple spinel 13.06 ct Burma photo

Pair of bright red spinels 2.06 ct, GFCO photo

Burmese pink spinel 3.52 ct photo

Pair of gray spinels 5.40 ct Burma photo

Pair of gray spinels 5.11 ct Burma photo

Heart-cut gray spinel 3.44 ct, Burma photo

Rich purple spinel 4.15 ct photo

Blue spinel from Burma, 2.48 ct photo

Burmese red spinel 4.67 cts photo

Heart-cut burgundy spinel 3.16 cts, Burma photo

Pair of Burmese spinels 2.98 ct photo

Purple spinel 4.89 ct, Burma photo

Purple spinel 3.39 ct, Burma photo

Burmese spinel 6.01 ct photo

Purple spinel 5.60 ct, Burma photo

Burmese purple spinel 2.62 ct photo

Purple spinel 6.55 ct, Burma photo

Purple spinel from Burma 5.63 ct photo

Purple spinel from Burma 7.07 ct photo

Purple spinel from Burma 6.18 ct photo

Pair of Burmese red spinels 5.39 ct, GFCO photo

Burmese red spinel 2.30 ct, Mogok, GFCO photo

Cushion-cut Burmese spinel Mansin 6.48 ct photo

Burmese red spinel 3.24 ct photo

Burmese red spinel 2.63 ct, GFCO photo

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