Single Garnet gemstones

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Intense orange spessartine 1.02 ct photo
Yellowish green tsavorite garnet 1.06 ct photo
Cushion-cut tsavorite garnet 0.93 ct photo
Octagon-cut tsavorite garnet from Kenya 1.66 ct photo
Cushion-cut rhodolite garnet 6.87 ct photo
Cushion-cut purple garnet 6.20 ct photo
Large purple cushion-cut rhodolite 8.64 ct, Sri Lanka photo
Bright green cushion-cut tsavorite garnet 2.13 ct photo
Unique Cushion Cut Neon Grossular 10.05 ct photo
Intense cushion-cut tsavorite garnet 5.56 ct photo
Cushion Color Change Garnet 2.00 ct photo
Cushion-cut red garnet 2.56 ct, Russia photo
Cushion-cut light green tsavorite 1.56 ct photo
Heart cut tsavorite garnet 1.24 ct photo
Vibrant cushion-cut tsavorite 3.25 ct photo
Cushion-cut Fanta Spessartine 6.15 ct photo
Cushion Spessartine 8.74 ct photo
Cushion-cut fanta spessartine 3.28 ct, Nigeria photo
Spessartine pear cut 5.11 ct photo
Demantoid in a circle cut 0.15 ct, Ural photo
Demantoid in a cut circle 0.85 ct, Ural photo
Ural demantoid cut round 0.89 ct photo
Spessartine top color
Unheated Ural demantoid 0.43 ct photo
Unheated Ural demantoid garnet 0.35 ct photo
Unheated Ural demantoid 0.28 ct photo
Ural demantoid 0.54 ct photo
Large Ural demantoid 3.35 ct photo
Sparkling demantoid 2.63 ct, the Urals photo
Ural demantoid 0.58 ct photo
The Ural demantoid 0.40 ct photo
Ural demantoid 0.93 ct photo
Ural demantoid 0.92 ct photo
Ural demantoid 1.18 ct photo
Russian demantoid 2.59 ct photo
Demantoid 1.96 ct, Ural Mountains  photo
Demantoid 1.09 ct, Ural Mountains  photo
Russian demantoid garnet 0.94 ct photo
Russian demantoid garnet 0.92 ct photo
Russian demantoid 0.88 ct  photo
Russian demantoid 0.87 ct photo
Natural demantoid 0.68 ct, Ural Mountains photo
Russian demantoid garnet 0.59 ct photo
Uralian demantoid 1.28 ct photo
Russian demantoid pear cut 0.99 ct photo
Rare Russian demantoid 0.42 ct photo
Russian demantoid 0,66 ct photo
Red rhodolite garnet from Mozambique, 11.08 ct photo
Large tsavorite garnet from Kenya, 4,31 ct photo
Rare Hessonite Garnet from Madagascar 9.30 ct photo
Bright heart-cut tsavorite 2.05 ct, Tanzania photo
Spessartine garnet round cut 0.93 ct photo
Octagon rhodolite garnet 2.43 ct, Malawi photo
Intense rhodolite round cut 6.47 ct, Malawi photo
Octagon umbalite garnet 3.46 ct, Malawi photo
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